EHME: A new word database for research in Basque language. (Acha Joana, Laka Itziar, Landa Josu, Salaburu Pello in The Spanish journal of psychology  03/2014)

EHME, an online program that enables students and researchers in linguistics and psycholinguistics to extract word stimuli, based on a broad range of statistics concerning the properties of words in Basque.

This new program includes a greater number of words than previously released databases, and includes measures of morphological structure frequency as well as neighborhood measures (taking into account recent evidence about transposed, addition and deletion neighbors, Davis et al., 2009) apart from classical indexes (word frequency, orthographic structure, orthographic similarity, bigram and biphone frequency, and syllable-based measures).

The program is designed for use by researchers in linguistics and psycholinguistics, particularly those concerned with data related to recognition of isolated words and morphology. It can be used to undertake large studies in corpus linguistics, to extract words based on concrete statistical criteria (, as well as to obtain statistical characteristics form a list of words (